Twitter Exclusive: Rethinking Team Followback

Don't just "follow"...start a trend and engage

As a small business owner you are probably considering or have been implementing social media as a part of your overall marketing strategy for your company. Regardless of your size, social media can catapult your business into a world where the audience and business engage each other like never before. However, like most marketing tips, some strategies work better than others.

I would like to talk today about a movement on Twitter known as Team “Followback”. This term was mostly used for personal, day-to-day interactions on Twitter; however, I am seeing an increase of small businesses using this term to describe their social media presence. I think it is essential to break this term down and understand the implications it has for your brand’s marketing strategy.

A BreakDown of #teamfollowback

“Team” is referred to as a collection of individuals who share similar interests about a particular person, place, or thing. The use of the hashtag allows you to connect with these other individuals and can serve as a great platform for finding your audience

The term “followback” is used to describe individuals who will follow your company or brand back AFTER you have followed their Twitter account.

Reasons to Rethink #teamfollowback

This all seems great, right? Some business owners see this as free advertising and an increase in followers. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of #teamfollowback? I think as small business owners; however, we should be more strategic when following these users? I am not suggesting we totally disconnect from these users but I think we should be cautious.

These individuals, in my experience, are more concerned with building their Twitter count and briefly acknowledging their new members without really seriously considering engaging in your brand, your interests, or your other followers.  The sense of building community using social media is relegated then to a row of ducks or an assembly line.  Twitter and social media become a machine or repetition as opposed to building vibrant communities for your audience.

As a result you are gaining more followers but these followers aren’t going to engage in your brand beyond Twitter. This in turn limits your social media influence and prevents your marketing strategy from developing relationships and thus engagement with your brand that can yield a return on your social media investment.

What are your thoughts on #TeamFollowback?

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