“Why Should I Read Your Blog?”

This is a question you don’t hear everyday.  Probably because your audience reads tons of blogs a day and simply sifts through posts that they deem not of quality, boring, or too long to read. Whatever the reason proving your worth and value (if you don’t already have it) is hard work.  The first step to counteract this is to understand your audience’s needs and how you want your audience to engage your blog:
1. Are folks even visiting my blog?
You may have visitors linking to your blog through your social media efforts and email blasts, however, an unfocused blog is sure to stay at this level.  At this point you may be savvy enough to create a catchy title, include an awesome photo, and may have influence in the field but if your blog has no focus and no goal people may visit, glance, and never return again.
A higher level of engagement is viewers engaging your post to want to comment and add to the conversation. Comments shows that what you are saying motivates your viewers so much that they want to contribute their own thoughts to support or challenge (in a good way) your arguments. Make sure that you engage these viewers by responding to comments and offering substantial value to what they are saying.  Be aware you will receive spammers—those folks who are only interested in commenting to promote their brand or product.
3. Subscribing
  Some people think subscribing is dead.  In fact, I have often been guilty of digesting information and commenting but not necessarily subscribing to the blog.  Subscribing to a blog is a huge commitment for many of your viewers.  Sometimes one or two posts may be interesting for your readers but not enough to want to invest in.  Creating content that is relevant and focused on your audiences needs ensures those who need to subscribe will subscribe.  You must also make your blog accessible to your audiences—if you don’t who will?

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