Security App Aims to Keep Malware From Spreading Through iOS Devices

It seems that every other week there are reports about new malware targeting Android devices though the Android Market. To date, there have been no viruses, rootkits or Trojans that have been able to worm through the Apple App Store into user devices. That doesn’t mean that iOS devices cannot be conduits for malware.

VirusBarrier is designed to scan attachments in users’ email through the cloud to determine if they are carrying malware that could harm a users’ computer. Security company Intego designed the app to keep malware from spreading from mobile devices to computers where it could do more harm than if it were couched in the kernel of an iPhone. VirusBarrier is one of the first malware scanners designed for iOS devices. How big of a problem is spreading malware from mobile devices to computers? Is an app like VirusBarrier even necessary?


Click [HERE] for full article| ReadWriteWeb


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