The A-List: Twitter

Now that you are using Twitter and gaining followers, having a way to organize these followers is essential in yielding the benefits of the platform. Being able to categorize or group your users into “lists” can be a great way of keeping tabs on content of specific people you follow. Listing content from your audience, industry influencers, or your competition is easy with Twitter lists. When you click to view a list, you’ll see a stream of Tweets from all the users included in that group.

The Benefits

  •  Keep tabs of your audience, industry influencers, or competitors content
  • You can list Twitter users without following them (although we love following folks on our lists)
  • With list you create a more concentrated group thus generating an easy way to keep track of specific users’ Tweets without relying on the timeline.
  • Following someone else’s list does not mean you follow all users in that list.

Creating Your List

  1. Visit user profile that you would like to add to your list

  2. Click the “person” icon (see below). This provides a drop-down menu.

  3. Select “Add to list”

  4. You will then be prompted to enter a title and description of your list. You can also choose whether this list is public or private. Because others can follow these lists, your title should be creative and relevant.

Getting Listed

Creating lists are always great– but you should also aim to get listed! Being listed shows that users are interested in engaging with your content. You can view which lists you are on by visiting your Twitter profile. The lists tab is beside your “Followers” tab right above your sent tweets.

Subscribing to/Following Other People’s Lists

If you want to subscribe to these lists or just want to subscribe to a Twitter user’s list, simply click on the user’s lists tab while viewing their profile. All of their public lists will appear. Simply select which lists you want to view. Click the follow (+) button to follow the list you wish to subscribe.

What are some of the other benefits of being listed?


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