5 Ways to Keep Your Social Media “Cool”

More and more we are hearing from news reports about the record high temperatures. Obviously you want to take precautions such as staying hydrated, checking your air conditioning units, and avoiding peak hours of direct sunlight.

I thought it would be fun to compare these same precautions to social media. More and more people are entering the social media age than ever before.  Taking the right steps in your social media plan are the difference between an easy, breezy walk in the park and being scorched by the social media heat.


Dress for the Heat

When dressing for the summer season is advisable to wear lightly colored, loose fitting cotton clothes. The light reflects light as heat escapes from your body to keep you cool. This is the same as your social media  customization and overall look. Creating an aesthetically appealing “outfit” that not only fits your industry but will make you stand out.  Moreover, creating content that is sustainable and not bogged down in details (think Winter clothing) gives you a unique, fresh image for anyone visiting your social media.


Did you ever wonder why people in some of the hottest places on earth – India, Latin America, or Thailand – eat some of the spiciest foods out there? It’s because eating spicy food is one of the easiest ways to kick in your body’s natural cooling mechanism, sweating.

Health Votes

The same should be true for your content that you are curating. You want to ensure that your content has a “bite to it” that is engaging and true to your brand. Consuming other people’s content makes you more informed and allows you to contribute and add value to the conversation.

 Staying Hydrated, Avoid the “Sugar”

The heat is extremely dangerous if you are not hydrated. Drinking lots of water and avoiding high sugar fluids is key to successfully avoiding dehydration. Make sure you “drink up” on positive content that has sufficient benefits to your overall content strategy and avoid content that tastes good but filled with unsupported substance. Remember, high sugar fluids give you lots of energy to start but eventually bring you crashing down.

Use Plenty of Sun Screen

The sun can be particularly damaging and can cause serious health problems if you are overexposed to the sun. Overexposure to spammers content it dangerous for your social media strategy plan.  Monitoring your brand name with free platforms such as Google Alert, Topsy Search, or Hootsuite can be effective is checked regularly.  Being able to discern which feedback is beneficial to your brand and which are spam ultimately is based on your social media policy plan but should be handled strategically to avoid “sun” damage.

 Plan Ahead

If possible scheduling tasks at non-peak hours are optimal. For instance exercise, yard work, or even chores are best if scheduled at times when the sun is not producing as much heat. The same concept can be applied to social media.  During peak hours your content may be lost due to the shear volume of content your audience reads.  However, scheduling your content and planning ahead of time can allow you to track your progress and allows you to create a more thorough strategy plan without getting burnt.

 How do you keep your social media cool?



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