Who is Sebastian Knowes?

Just some fun facts...

Over the years I have encountered some pretty awesome people who contribute substantively to the social media industry.  Whether they are social media experts or simply interested in social media for their personal lives, people love being social.  In this vain, I feel as though I may have been a little selfish.  Over the years I have provided information about technological trends and social media news but you may not REALLY know who I am.  So I have decided complete a little questionaire so you can know a little bit about me and my interests.   Side note: As I was filling this out it kind of reminded me of my old Myspace profile.  Weird, eh?

1. Full Name:  Sebastian Knowes

2. Birthday: February 4, 1984

3. Employed?: Yes, Social Media Pro at eFanpage/Sylvan Media

4. Favorite aspect of social media:  Customization, branding, and connecting with great people!

5. Education: Marketing at University of Michigan

6. What’s playing on my iPod today: Foo Fighters/ Beyonce’s new album “4”

7. Facebook

8. Twitter

9. Favorite Holiday: 4th of July.  That’s coming up soon!  I can’t wait.

10. Favorite TV Show: The Price is Right

11. Siblings: None

12. Favorite Movie: The Social Network

13. Last Person You Skyped: My mom

14. Chocolate or Vanilla: Both

15. Favorite sports team: Detroit Tigers

16. Current Location: Home in Detroit, MI

17. Years in Social Media: 6 years

18. Right or left handed: Ambidextrous

19. You can’t live without: My Laptop

20. Mantra: It’s easy to be the status quo.  I like a good challenge

About Sebastian Knowes

Social Media Guru at eFanpage
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