10 Questions to Ask the “Experts”

There is no doubt that social media is shaping the way that we do business. Having a team of professionals who help with the marketing process can be an essential tool for your social media marketing needs. More and more marketing firms are using social media as a part of their overall digital strategies for their clients. But finding a trusted agency may be more difficult than you think. Below you will find a list of top ten questions you should ask potential marketing firms you would like to hire. These questions range from the agency’s staff, experience, immersion/knowledge base, and processes. Different social media tools use different strategies and benchmarks but this serves as a guide you can use to find a company that can truly benefit your company’s digital needs.

The Questions

  1. How many years of experience do you have in online and social media marketing?
  2. For which companies have you developed social media strategies?
  3. Do you have a client that I can contact or can I see work that you have done?
  4. What is your process for community management?
  5. How do you develop and manage content?
  6. What can I expect in terms of outcomes? How will you measure these outcomes?
  7. What is expected of me? Will I be a part of this campaign or will you manage it?
  8. How many people do you have in your staff? What percentage of them are focused on social media marketing?
  9. What sites do you think are the “next best thing” for my industry?
  10. Aside from social media, how do you use the web to market products and services?

These questions again are general question that are great for breaking the ice. Researching the company prior to meeting them is always a great idea to ensure you get the most out of your meeting. There is no right or wrong answer but there are major indicators that can help you decide whether the company is ideal for your small business.

If you could add a question what would it be and why?


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  1. thomas failla says:

    you need to get rid of the word GOT it is not proper English and has the same deff. as AIN”T

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