Think Before You Tweet

We’ve all seem them: tweets, status updates, comments that obviously weren’t well thought out prior to posting.  What you tweet directly reflects your company’s image.  Unlike speaking, posting  content online is available to a wider network, faster, which means being accurate and consistent is important for keeping your brand image afloat.

It takes less than a minute to reread and alter your post to ensure it reflects your brand in its best light. However, you also don’t want to be too censored as it takes away for the spontaneity of social media. You want your brand to be perceived as professional but also as human and not intimidating.   Ensuring you link back to your sources, scheduling posts with programs like Hootsuite, and using spell check are all ways to ensure you build trust and solidarity with your audience and networks.  Just a moment of thinking about what you are going to post ensures a level of authority for months to come.

How do you think before YOU tweet?


About Sebastian Knowes

Social Media Guru at eFanpage
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