Social Media Marketing is NOT a “Campaign”

Marketing Campaign — A specific, defined series of activities used in marketing a new or changed product or service, or in using new marketing channels and methods

Congratulations!  By reading this, you have taken the first steps to accomplishing your marketing goals.   This blog is a great resource for providing you with tips and strategies to help you begin or develop your social media marketing plan.  This in turn will increase visibility and branding of your company in order to most effectively reach your target audience.  Noticed we used the word strategy—not campaign.

Why does it matter?

Many social media agencies will sell and package a campaign; however, at Sylvan Media we strive to develop strategy plans.  A “campaign” may be an appropriate measure to target and accomplish short term social media goals, which are important.  However, we aim to develop and implement your social media goals to be a part of your overall marketing strategy in order to take on a more holistic approach to your company’s goals and objectives.  Social media marketing is marketing—and should be treated as such.  Developing your social media marketing plan with your other marketing efforts creates and consistent more sustainable brand image for your company. For more information about how to develop your social media marketing plan visit us at  See you on the other side.


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