“The Wall” Saga Continues: Most Interacted VS. Most Recent

A great way to use your Facebook Fan page is to connect with your audience and industry.  With Pages, there is no direct messaging system available; however, you can use your Page as a platform to communicate with others in your field.  Being up-to-date with the latest content in your industry is important to add value to the conversation and to become an expert in the field through social media.  One way to be a part of this conversation is by taking full advantage of your news feed.

The news feed allows you to see content that is posted by your audience and those pages that you follow and are of interest to you.  There are two distinct views: Top News and Most Recent. Below you will find images on how to alter which view you are using in order to get the most current and up-to-date content that is posted by your audiences. Enjoy.

First you will want to select “Most Recent”, as this will allow you to see the latest content that is posted.  As you can see, you can even specify what type of content you want to see from your audience

After selecting “Options” you will then want to make sure that you select “All of your friends and pages” to see content from all of your sources.  This is extremely beneficial as you may miss some content that is not included in your “Most Interacted” posts or posts that do not get a lot of impressions (which could be potentially some of the best posts).

What are your thoughts?  Which view do you prefer?


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