The Power of the Mention

Yesterday afternoon, Twitter informally announced that there are plans to upgrade email notifications for Tweeters. These plans would allow users to opt in and receive notifications if their content has been retweeted. There are no details about the actual “how” this will look at this time. Although this could potentially be worrisome as you would receive constant emails from each retweet (this is a positive problem), for me this is yet another way small businesses can moderate who’s mentioning and retweeting their content. Retweeting is just one measurement of audience engagement. Knowing who’s retweeting your content can help your business alter their content strategy plan to increase engagement. Moderating your social media is essential to understand what’s working and what your company may need to do to increase its effectiveness.Here are some other platforms you can use to monitor your audience engagement.

Social Mention

According to Sylvan Media Blog:

This platform  serves as a real-time search platform for small businesses to monitor the company brand and online presence. Simply searching your company allows you to see who has mentioned you, provides quantifiable measurements of your content, and who is talking about you.


Periodically checking your Twitter @mentions is great to see who is retweeting or responding to your content that you post on Twitter. A great way to easily monitor this and other platforms simultaneously is a social media platform called Hootsuite.  Not only can you see if your Twitter handle has been explicitly mentioned (e.g. @sebastianknowes). You can also create lists based on keywords or phrases related to your company (e.g. Small Business Owners)

Google Alert

Powered through Google, Alerts are email notifications sent to your Google mail about the latest relevant search results on particular topics.  This is great for checking in on who is mentioning your company name or to find specific content based on your interests.

How do you monitor your mentions?


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