To Shorten, Or Not To Shorten, THAT is the Question

URL shortening is a process in which website addresses are shortened in length  using a domain redirection tool such as or Google URL shortener (  Using these platforms can help when creating a 140-character Tweet but do they really benefit small businesses’ social media marketing plan?  I have provided a list below of possible pros and cons for using URL shorteners and  would love to know what you guys think.

URL Shorterners All Day, Every day No Way, Jose!
URL shorteners provide great analytics on “click-through” count Studies have shown percentages of impressions using shotern URLs are lower than full-length URLs
Users can clearly see where URL will link to Users are less likely to click if they do not know the destination of the link. With more and more malware and spam, users are becoming more cautious of their clicks.
Ability to make a more clean, sleek appearance. More room for tweets. Easier for affiliate link hiding, “phishing” and pranks. is highly successful, the likelihood of the company going out of business is low. Decreased control of link sharing: In the event the URL service you used (e.g. goes out of business, all of your links will no longer work
Long URLs take up more space Banned in Some Countries


Still Unsure??: Check out these options

Short URL Expanders

Create your OWN URL Shortener for more control of link building.


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