What Small Towns Can Teach Us About Social Business

I grew up in Pikeville. My high school class numbered 80 people. Some 58 of them were also pictured in my first grade year book. If I saw any one of them walking down the street today, we’d recognize each other, hug and ask how our mama’s were. I could probably tell you the names of their parents, siblings and perhaps cousins. That’s just how small towns are. They’re a community. And each person in them makes up an important member of the whole.

Last week at unGeeked Elite, I led a discussion on small towns and how they can inspire us as we advise or lead the building of social businesses. There are a number of small town qualities I learned that translate nicely to community building. I shared some of those ideas in Chicago and got some good feedback from the audience that makes me think this topic might be of use. Consultants and analysts everywhere are spouting off “social business” like mainstream America is supposed to know what that means. Perhaps these ideas from my small town can help you put that puzzle.

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