Escuche Por Favor!: Why Listening is Essential for Social Media

If you aren't listening, you'll be left out in the cold

Have you ever talked to someone during a conference call or meeting who keeps talking and talking and talking. Sometimes it’s because some people love to hear themselves speak, others may want to add value but haven’t learned the unspoken “let other people speak” rule.

Regardless of what viewpoint you adopt, these conversationalists often don’t get any substantial feedback from their audience. Their audience could be you (the co-worker, friend, partner). Most times you may feel your responses aren’t welcomed or considered because the talker dominates the conversation.

This is no different than when conversing with your online audience. Knowing how to hold a conversation online in an effort to increase engagement begins with this simple age old rule: listening.

Once you have your goals, platforms, and audience in place it’s important to listen in order to gain valuable information from your networks.

  • If people joined your network be it Facebook, your blog, etc. they want to contribute so invite conversation.
  • People describe what they like or don’t like about particular products or services it’s just a matter of creating an environment that supports conversation.
  • Listening can give you insight in order to help you create better products or services for potential customers.
  • Most importantly, listening can help you connect the right people with the right resources. 

After you Listen (which is an ongoing process) make sure you act in a way that is useful for your company and audience. Simply hearing what your audience is saying but not acting is not an effective strategy for your brand and makes you a lowsy listener.


About Sebastian Knowes

Social Media Guru at eFanpage
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