The Ultimate Fighter: Groups VS. Pages, who would win?

Groups Vs. Pages, which team are you on?

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post in order to help tease out the differences between Facebook’s “Like” button vs. the “send” button. However, with the ever increasing popularity of Facebook Groups, you may be wondering should my business use THAT platform as oppose to Facebook Pages.

Which platform you use really boils down to how you plan to use it. Information sharing and community building are both possible with each platform, but there are some pretty clear differences that may sway your decision. I have provided a table below to help you know the major differences between Groups and Pages and will let you determine what the knock out choice is for your company’s needs and brand.

Facebook Pages

Facebook Groups

Created initially to connect users with “their favorite artists and businesses” and show their friends what is important to them Designed for interaction amongst a “group” of people with similar interests
Used for business persona. Although Administrators are visible, posts reflect the company Administrators are visible to public and posts that are created do not necessarily reflect the views of the company but the individual who posts the content
Thought to be an extension of business thought Thought to be an extension of your personal thoughts
Users receive updates through company “updates”, which is listed under “Other” in Facebook inbox Users can opt in to updates of Group wall via email
Pages that users like are found only through the users information tab on their profile Users can see the groups they have joined on their Facebook home page
The admins are in large part the curators of this platform’s content. Community is built because users share their thoughts around the admin’s curated content. Users are in large part the curators of this platform’s content including creating events, uploading documents, and asking questions all in an effort to build community with each other
Applications allow for more personalized Facebook fan page that makes your page more unique Currently there are no personalization applications availabe for pages
Viewable by those without a Facebook account Only viewable from those who are a part of the group, unless the admins specify that the group is “Open”
Tools for sharing content about your brand Tools for discussion

Out with the Old, In With the New

If you decide a Group page is best for you please take note of the following:

Older groups pages (before the Groups face lift) are scheduled to become archived if the groups administrator does not update the Group to the new Groups model. Make sure your group isn’t caught off guard Update Your Group Pages today

My Opinion

Groups are really beneficial for maintaining friendships or forming communities; however, for small businesses, Pages are the best bet to ensure you can not only monitor and regulate content presented but it serves as the “go-to” place for your company on Facebook.

What team are you on? Team Groups or Team Fan Page?

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