What’s Your Status? : Ideas for Your “Status Update” Strategy Plan

When I “visit” the page, I often wonder are they still in business?

The new tagging system for mentioning followers or brands and my current disappointment in some small businesses status update content, I have decided it is time to talk about Status Update Best Practices.  The content in your status updates should be included in your overall content strategy plan.  Knowing what to post, when to post, and how to post your status updates are essential for effective social media marketing.

Some pages have not updated their Facebook page’s status in quite sometime. When I “visit” the page, I often wonder are they still in business? This same question may be asked by some of your most loyal customers who use social media to build an understanding of your company brand and name. Being active and relevant allows your Facebook status update to be your current voice.   Furthermore, having effective content through status updates is essential to increase engagement and build community.

Benefits of the Updated Status

  •  Allows you to stay relevant by being included in followers news feeds
  • Shows your audience that you are relevant in your industry and competitive
  • Allows your audience to share their thoughts and views on particular issues presented in your content
  • Builds community around a particular topic of your choice
  • Branding

4 Status Update Ideas

1. Use Facebook questions  

Using the relatively new feature allows you to ask multiple choice questions that are easily accessible to your audience. Asking relevant, easy to answer questions is a great way to see what you audience thinks about certain issues without asking too much of their time and resources. Talking about instant market research.

2. Think Like Your Audience

It’s important the status updates reflect the issues or events of the time. Some businesses have restrictions on what content should be included in your marketing strategy (e.g. politics, current events, etc.) but the more you can relate to current issues or holidays, the more relevant you are to your community. A simple “Happy 4th of July” makes your brand realistic and people will want to engage with this update.

3. Have Fun, Avoid Boredom

Not all content in your status updates have to be you telling your audience facts. Finding alternate ways to get the information to the audience about your industry is encouraged.

Avoid Boredom...Switch Up How You Share Information

Think in terms of trivia, quotes or weekly fun facts.

Keeping it short, sweet, and to the point is key. Many of your audience members probably have other status updates in their news feeds. Many do not want to read a paragraph of facts. The nature of status updates is to be a quick mention

of what’s current for you, or your business, right now.
4. Use Multi Media (Video and Photos)

People LOVE video and photos. Using visual content produced by your company is a great way to inform audiences about your brand, service, or industry. Make sure if you share a video from another source that you credit that source. Sharing videos and photos is a great visual and breaks up the often monotous text content. It serves a different purpose for your status update and adds great value to your content strategy plan.


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