A Picture is Worth 1,000 Views: How to use Photos for Engagement

Make sure you use Creative Commons for images that you didn't create

Engaging with your audience is an ongoing process in developing relationships. Accomplishing this via social media networking is becoming a growing phenomenon.  Having a Facebook Page allows you to share ideas about your industry, your business, and your life.  This creates an atmosphere where people who are interested in your brand can share their thoughts and opinons.

Beyond written text there are some great ways to engage your audience including the use of visual aids we call photos or images. The benefits of using images are plenty. Some of the ways include:

  • Opportunity to share images of your company in action
  • Great for encouraging others to post similar photos either in response to your post or through a Facebook contest
  • Gives a visual for your Facebook page

However, there are some things you should be conscientious of in how you use images and where you use these images. I have provided a list of Do’s and Don’ts for photo curation. Hope you enjoy!



Use photos from company events or marketing Bombard your audience with your logo. Though it’s important for marketing…it’s more important to build genuine engagement
Understand copyright laws associated with using images found online. Use Flickr Creative Commons to find images related to content on your Facebook page Just simply copy and paste images you see in Google Images. Many companies have incurred fees and other penalities for doing this. It also may be perceived as lazy to your audience member if they see the same image in their own Google Search
Update your profile picture often, which gives your page a fresh look Have only one image in your photo album. Remember with the new Facebook pages many of your photos are displayed at the top of your page. Any blank space may be perceived as an inactive page to your audience
Encourage your audience to share their photos through contests or in an effort to build community Only use your photos
Utilize visually appealing and active images that are relevant to you Use irrelevant images. It’s like posting content that has nothing to do with your company, industry, or interests

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