Send vs. The Like: Facebook, What’s the Difference?

As some of you may have heard, Facebook has unveiled a new feature for Groups. The “send” feature allows groups to share content members of particular groups. Please see the table below for an overview of the main differences between the two features.

The “Like” Button

The “Send” Button

When clicked content is shared on your news feed to ALL your friends to access Limits content sharing to specific group members; allowing you to share with people who have your similar interests
Integrated on over 2.5 million websites Only available on 50 websites to date (more to come)
Can be used for websites, pages, AND groups Designed for Facebook Groups, not pages. Currently there are 50 million groups on Facebook. Expect to see an increase in the amount of groups on Facebook
Relegated to the Newsfeed; not necessarily direct to Facebook inbox More direct access to friends within your Groups
Used to agree with another friend or page’s content “A like button with context”

Want to add A Send Button on your website, click HERE

Other updates on Groups include:

  • Admin Control: Increased control from adminstrators of groups including the ability to monitor who is added to the group.
  • Questions: This feature has been extended to Groups
  • Group Search: You are now able to search the Facebook Group to easily find content, not much different than in Google Mail.

Groups are really beneficial for maintaining friendships or forming communities; however, for small businesses, Pages are the best bet to ensure you can not only monitor and regulate content presented but it serves as the “go-to” place for your company on Facebook.
How do you think you can use Groups?


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