Understanding “F” Commerce

Facebook + e-Commerce= F-commerce

There’s no doubt that Facebook has grown to be one of the biggest social media networks in the world.  But there’s still room for the social media company to grow and for businesses to use the site for e-commerce. Facebook is a great place to begin your e-Commerce needs. Whether you will use the site for advertising or for getting the word out about goods or services this site has the potential to reach over 500 million people. It’s so important for your business to maximize your presence on Facebook and begin to create a strategy plan for how you want to use the site to optimize your efforts.

The most popular e-commerce tool is using Facebook Ads.  This is an effective tool to use to drive traffic back to your site but I wanted to give you some handy tips that you may not be as familiar with to increase your F-commerce.

The Power of Sharing

Perhaps the easiest e-commerce tool is using Facebook’s “Like” button to encourage visitors of your site to link back to your Facebook page.  User reviews on your fan page also increase the potential for others to use your product or service.  Using Facebook’s Open Graph, businesses can see their customers and what their friends like.  There’s no doubt the power of the “like”, reviews, and sharing are all a great way to promote your business. These features allow users to comment on items which encourages users to influence each other in buying a particular product or service.  

Support Easy, Secure E-Commerce

Facebook shopping is still in its “toddler” years and still has some maturing to do.  Therefore, it is essential that businesses create an easy and secure user experience.  Facebook has introduced new privacy precautions such as the new HTTPS for more secure activity;however, businesses should also create an environment that is conducive to making purchases online.

The most obvious way to reassure new Facebook shoppers is by building an environment that mirrors the traditional e-commerce experience.

As a business, you should “contain” the shopping experience in Facebook, without relying on linking back to your website.  Your brand’s inventory or list of services can be included on your Facebook page by incorporating individual PDP pages to support comprehensive “online window shopping.


Much like Groupon, Facebook Deals is a great way for businesses to promote particular discounts, which rewards users for using the service. Local businesses are able to offer special deals and is designed to be shared with users’ friends and social circles. This new application is great for F-commerce but is only available currently in major cities.  For more information on deals please click HERE

Buying Directly on Facebook

Setting up your on e-commerce store within Facebook is becoming a growing trend in F-commerce.  More and more users are hearing about products and services from friends  and their news feeds.  Therefore, the development of third-party applications such as 8th Bridge or Payvment was essential to address the concerns of businesses who wanted to include a direct inventory of their products and services.

Enjoy this video about how to set up your Payvment account and create your online storefront


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