#Winning: Creating Successful Facebook Contests

Facebook Contests are a create way to engage with audience members and increase visibility of your company.   I think everyone enjoys a little friendly competition.  Incentivizing your followers allows you to see who’s interacting with your page and allows your fans to interact with your page and other audience members.

Example 1: Treasure Hunt

This contest model asks users to answer questions you post on your Facebook page using clues (or answers) from your website or other third party sources.  Users must reply to your original status update with their answers.  Not only does this contest increase traffic on your website, it’s a fun way to interact with fans.

Example 2: Post-A-Pic

You should ask your Fans to post a  personal photo relevant to a particular subject on to your Fan page wall. You can also ask “contestants” to share video or share written text. The idea is that users can share with each other their images and also increases traffic to your page.

Ask participants to name and caption their photo so you and their friends know they are a part of the contest. Encourage your fans to encourage their friends to “vote” by liking the photos.

One great contest was hosted by Marketorum LLC entitled  “A Click Down Memory Lane”.  The company asked fans to upload images of “old” technologies such as rotary phones or floppy disks.  It was relevant, fun, and interesting especially for technology and social media junkies.

Example 3: Incentivize Milestones

This contest exists when your page has reached particular milestones (e.g. 100th fan mark or 1,000th post mark). Create a status thanking your followers and incentivize their contribution to the brand’s success. An reward is given to the first person to respond to the message, either with images or text.

Dunkin Donuts gives incentives for Liking their page


You can increase the success rate of your Facebook contest by keeping the following in mind:

1. Keep Interaction In Mind! The idea is to build interaction with your Facebook page be it a photo upload, comment, like, etc. This interaction will show on your Fans’ news feeds, driving awareness among their friends.

2. KISS: Keep it Simply, Silly: Facebook is a social site not a contract. Make sure to make contests as easy as possible to read, understand, and execute. If it takes too long to explain you may lose your audience. The goal of contests is to increase engagement with your brand not to show off your brand.

3. Is it worth is?  Ask yourself would you want the price?  If not, you may want to reconsider what you are offering. The more appealing the incentive for your audience, the more engagement you will receive. Simple “formula”

There are some “no-no’s” when it comes to promotional contests for your Facebook . One of which being you must use an application for promotional contests. We at eFanpage are experts at creating and customizing your Facebook contests. For a full list of do’s and don’ts of Facebook contests please click here.


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