How To: Claim Your Facebook Place

Last week, I made a post about Facebook Places and you may be wondering how to actually claim your business using the application. Facebook places is a growing and viable marketing platform for small businesses and as a business owner you should make sure your company is listed, accurate, and relevant.

There are many benefits in claiming your business, including

  • Being able to update and monitor “your Place”
  • Offer special deals/promotions for potential customers
  • Post places updates to your Fan page
  • Build relationships with current and prospective networks
  • Ensure information is accurate
  • See who is checking in to your business

Steps to Claim Your Facebook Place

1. Find Your Place Page on Facebook

Using your mobile device or Facebook search bar navigate to your business’ Facebook Places page. You will need to search for your company/place by simply typing in the your business name. If the place is not already listed you may add the business and enter your businesses information.

2. Claim Your Place Page on Facebook

If the place is listed you will need to click the “Is this your business” link.  A pop-up message should appear. When you are ready, you will need to indicate that you are an an official representative of your company.

3. Verification

In order to verify that you’re an official representative of the business, Facebook requires you to provide an official document, like your local business license. Once approved by Facebook you will be the official representative of your place.

4. Now Use Places

Now that you’re the official “rep” make sure you use your Facebook Places to start engaging your followers. Location-based social media marketing is a growing trend in social media industry—claiming your places now, ensures you control content and can see who’s checking in to your business.


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