The Do’s and Don’ts of Moderating Your Facebook Page (My 50th Post)


Under US law, Facebook is not responsible for user-generated defamatory content against the brands on users’ own pages, nor for illegal or abusive content posted on branded sites.  

Moderating your Facebook Fan page is a commitment that should be taken seriously.  The content and ideas presented reflect your company’s image and should be constantly monitored to “ensure quality assurance”.  Being cognoscente of what’s going on your page and how best to engage with that content and promote the best possible image is a responsibility just as important as setting up your page and adding content. 

I have provided some DO’s and DON’TS for moderating your page.  Please feel free to add your thoughts in the comments box below. 



Be a Part of the Conversation; encourage customer-to-customer interaction.  You want to be vigilant of any negative “badvocates” of your brand OVERshadow the conversation; it stifles genuine conversation. 
Monitor for “spammy” messages and posts from other pages to promote their own image Discourage interaction with your competitors.  Having conversations with others and key influences shows you are relevant to the field
Add value and edit/delete inappropriate conversations (including spam, explicative, etc) to create a positive image for your brand Rely ONLY on Facebook to create a positive image for your brand
Keep conversations going.  You are the host of your party…you want to make sure everyone feels welcomed Expect engagement to happen overnight 
Post pro-active responses posts that may be interpreted as negative for your brand Avoid reactive responses to “negative” comments
Monitor your page every day (multiple times a day—morning, afternoon, evening)  Users visit your page all day Leave monitoring up for chance.  When your audience has a complaint they are going to share it with the world. 
Provide a safe environment for commenting and sharing Underestimate “the first impression rule”  Many users will assume brands check their content regularly.  If you leave negative comments on your page, many users will be deterred from visiting your site again
Understand moderation is not censorship; it’s about listening and engaging in communities  
Look for users with abusive or obscene words and users who post obviously irrelevant content Ask the user to stop posting this content or block the user

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