How To: Interacting as Your Page on Facebook

By now you probably have heard the news about the ease and accessibility of switching from your personal Facebook account to your business or brand Facebook fan page.  There are some limitations and benefits for managing this account to ensure you get optimal use of your fan page. 

Some features such as joining groups or adding friends are not possible with Facebook pages as the social network will ask you to continue as yourself.  However, there are far more benefits of being able to interact with your audience as a page.

What to do about the status update?

Facebook has changed its pages services so that your personal account and business account are more comparable in function and design.  As opposed to logging all the way out of your personal account to log in under your business account you are able to make updates easily from your company page.  Any comments or likes you make, while under the company name will be made under the company—so  make sure you are under the right account!

Status updates are now separated on your followers mini-feeds into two lists:

  • “Top news” :  Status updates that are the most popular amongst your audience’s friends.  You want to encourage interaction with your status updates to ensure that you are visible on your followers timeline and thus others will see your posts.
  • “Most recent”: a chronology of your audiences timeline.  Not much different from the Facebook we’ve always known.

Status updates are essential because this may be the only thing your audience and potential followers will see from your Facebook page.  Your followes can determine whether they are still interested in your posts and content to continue following based on your status updates.

You want to make sure your updates show:

  • You are Personal:  Including your name in your posts.  People want to speak to a human not a company
  • Update Frequently: To stay relevant and current with your networks
  • Don’t OVER Update: This appears spammy.  There’s nothing worse than overselling content that can lead to your eventual “unliking”

What About the Content?

You should check out Sylvan Media’s 3 Reasons Why You Need a Content Strategy Plan for a more detailed description of the why you need to incorporate a content strategy plan.  But some quick points include:

  •  Sync your blog posts to Facebook
  •  Make sure to update your profile picture regularly (every 3-5 weeks) and your photo gallery.  The same visuals can be mundane and uninteresting
  •  Post relevant video.  Who doesn’t love a great Youtube video that’s of interest?
  •  Create incentives for followers to encourage greater interaction with your page

What About the Insights?

Insights are a built-in analytics tool created for Facebook about your Facebook interactions. It’s important to keep track of your statistics to see what content from what sources are being engaged by your audience.  This is a great tool to track days with the most interaction, to see what links/titles had the most engagement, or to view what type of content was most popular for your followers.  This is essential for understanding how to incorporate changes in your content strategy plan and make your overall social media marketing strategy more effective.

You can also use analytics to look at your audience demographics including age, gender, and location.

What About Facebook Customization?

Of course at eFanpage, we specialize in Facebook customization.  We have new and improved technologies and a highly trained team of experts to create a custom fan page that will give your website a run for it’s money.  You should check out our website.

How do you use your Pages to interact?


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