How To: Use Facebook Places for Your Business


Intro Page to Facebook Places

By now you probably have heard of Facebook’s mobile feature—Places.  This feature allows users to share their location and to locate other friends in real time.  Sound a little creepy?  No worries, this feature is not intended to be a stalking application but a feature that you can use to locate and reward potential customers to your physical business. You’ll be able to see your friends/followers location and connect with them and their friends easily.  This post looks at three ways you can use Facebook places to promote your image and increase traffic to your business.

Customer Appeal

Once you have your Places account set up, you should offer special offers and promotional items for Places users.  Using Places can allow Facebook users to see when friends visit your business.  Offering special offers for check-ins to your  business not only allows you to reward them for using the feature (and visiting your company), it also is another platform for you to promote your company.

“He Said, She Said”

Generally, gossip or word of mouth has a negative connotation, not unless of course it’s about positive reviews of your company.  Using Places allows visitors to make favorable comments using their Facebook pages and makes word-of-mouth advertising more effective.  Personal testimonies of a great experience goes a long way for potential consumers—so encourage it.

Be cautious, however. “Badvocates” also will make negative reviews of your company.  Make sure you are vigilant in counteracting these reviews in order to deter any negative sentiment against your company.

You Want Repeat Offenders

You can use Facebook Places to encourage loyal customers to keep coming back for more.  Rewarding your customers who keep coming back by offering discounts for “x” number of visits gives customers a reason to want to come back.  This reincarnation of the punch card for each visit is easy to manage using Facebook Places.

“We are focused on getting the three core elements right (finding friends, checking-in, building stories about places)…things such as rewards or deals with locations/companies are in the future.”

Mark Zuckerberg via Social Fresh

You should be a part of this future.  Your business can lead the way in Facebook Places appeal and can exponentially grow your brand name and traffic to your business.  The question is are you going to take that first step?

We have provided a video from Social Media Examiner that outlines how to get your Places page started.  Enjoy!

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