How To: Use Facebook for Your Local Store

With so many options its hard to pick the right marketing tactics for your company

If you are a local merchant or small business you may feel overwhelmed with the many options to promote your store. Finding the best option for your audience’s needs may be a hard decision to make. Creating a marketing strategy plan can help you organize you marketing tactics. One of the strategies you should consider is using Facebook for your local store. Social media platforms like Facebook allow you to maintain relationships you build with previous customers. Creating a Facebook page in order to engage your customers by asking questions, offering specials, and encouraging feedback are all great uses of Facebook for your store and adds a level of trust in your relationship building.

Local store online marketing is a highly effective form of advertising because of its ease of access to a large group of people. Facebook furthermore allows you to target your audience to appeal to a more specific group of people with Facebook Ads.

Please Note: Facebook MAY not be the best platform for YOUR company depending on your industry. It is certainly worth investigating and researching with an expert team of social media professionals. When in doubt, ask yourself “where are my customers, and what do they want.”

Here are some Useful Tips for Using Facebook:

• Before opting for social media for your business conduct a mini-social media experiment to help guide your social media and content strategy plans. It’s important to know where your customers are and how they are using Facebook. It is also important for you to have clear goals about how you wish to use the site as it relates to your businesses goals.

• Prepare to invest time and resources. The common misconception is that social media is cheap and easy. This is not the case.  Effective social media requires daily interaction and like any marketing campaign requires monetary investments in order to increase your return on investment. 7 Actions Brands Should Take to Monetize Social Media

• Incorporate Facebook into your everyday vernacular and living. It becomes quite clear when your business uses the site to promote instead of building relationships. Being involved in the development of your community is essential for your business and content strategy.

How do you use Facebook as a part of your marketing strategy plan?


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