“The Gospel According To”…5 Ways to Avoid Getting Blocked on Facebook

So let’s cut to the chase.  You aren’t maintaining friends.  It could be your strategy plan, but most likely it’s your methods and how you are interacting with your followers.  There are hundreds of blogs out there to tell you the 5 Reasons You Got Unfriended on Facebook or 7 Guaranteed Ways to Lose Friends, but none specifically address businesses dilemma of knowing how to best interact with followers on Facebook to avoid being unliked.

Note: People will unlike you for various reasons including relocation or change of interests. These reasons may have nothing to do with your methods.  It’s inevitable to lose and regain followers.  I am simply trying to help you minimize the damages.

Top 5 Ways Your Business Will Be Unliked (and even blocked) on Facebook

1. Shameless Self-Promotion

Facebook users can read write through company advertisements and are not interested in engaging with a marketer.  Constantly promoting your brand and not engaging with your audience is not attractive and a sure sign of your eventual collapse.

Solution: As opposed to writing on your wall about all the great work at your company you should encourage dialogue and have conversations about current events or industry news that may be appealing to your followers.

2. The Balancing Act of the Number of Posts

Overposting and underposting is a balancing act

You should check my blog “How Much is Too Much” about how often you should post to your Facebook wall.  Its generally a good idea not to overload followers with information about your industry but also be weary of making 1 or 2 posts every six months.  Having consistency without over sharing is key.  You want to address concerns of your followers without being overbearing.

Solution: Don’t wall “flood” (or drought).  Read my blog post

3. It’s Not Relevant

When you do make posts make sure it’s relevant to your brand and industry.  Random posts that have nothing to do with your product or service may seem tangential to your followers and a way to get you blocked.  For example, if you are a financial consultant talking about the “cow jumping over the moon” the follower may not see how you are relevant to the industry and may question your legitimacy.

Solution: You should add entertaining posts, videos, and photos and have a clear goal of what you are trying to convey on the medium.  This will help you maintain followers.

4. You Don’t Add Value.

Followers of your page “liked” it for a specific reason—most often because they want to know something.  Liking your page can allow followers to be a part of a community and increase their knowledge base and understanding of not only you but your industry. If your Facebook page doesn’t increase their knowledge or engage their interests you are setting yourself up for failure

Solution: Posts should include information relevant to the field in addition to you adding perspective about the post including commenting on or sharing your thoughts on the issue while asking for input from followers.

"Good Grief" ---Don't post because you HAVE to post, post because you want to post

5. Insincere Posts

“Hey There”, “…..uhm…” “What’s up” can be perceived by your Facebook followers as mundane status updates or even worse, trivial questions for engagement.  You are a business and brand.  Though you DO want to be more social and less “market-y”, consumers still know that you a business.

Solution: Make posts that encourage engagement.  Asking open-ended questions that are relevant to the field and are interesting to followers will increase engagement and followership.

Honorable Mentions

These are things to keep in mind that I thought were important but I didn’t consider “the gospel” of preventing followers from blocking you

Auto Direct Messages

This is more for Twitter Users, but having a direct message sent to my inbox is insincere and shows that you are more concerned with numbers than actually engaging with me.  I almost always unfollow users who send direct messages.  Some people I know have even blocked users who sent these messages.

Solution: Send a personalized Direct Message. It does take time but is certainly worth it.  You’ll develop a reputation of excellence.

Connecting Twitter to Facebook

Many social media marketers are strong advocates for not linking the two platforms. These are two different mediums with different purposes.  If the same Facebook updates can be found on Twitter, why would I follow you on both platforms?

Solution: Develop your strategy plan to figure out what each platform should be used for.  Consider where your audience is and act accordingly.

Random Liking

Liking other brands with no clear purpose is spammy and looks poorly on the company.

What are your thoughts?


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