HOW TO: Find Content for Your Facebook Page

The key to having a booming Facebook Fan page is to have current, relevant content posted.  This content should be interesting for your audience and should also showcase your knowledge of current trends in your industry. Updated content is essentially for engaging consumers.  Users who return to your page are more likely to become customers over the long haul, and your existing customers are more likely to stay if they return to your Facebook page often.

“I Don’t Have Time For That!”

However, with a busy lifestyle you may think it’s nearly impossible to find content that’s reliable and interesting.  How can you possible know what information is out there and have a constant influx of data. Use these following mediums to get the most content in the least amount of time.     

Google It! When in doubt use Google.  Beyond the simple keyword search that will list the most popular and current news, you should use applications like:

Google Alert sends an email to you when a list of keywords you choose are mentioned.  This is great if you want to know if your company was mentioned in a website or article.

Google Reader feeds your favorite news sources into one list.  You simply type in the name of the company or website you want to follow and it will automatically send updates from their pages into your Google Reader account.  If you can check your email daily you can check Google Reader—“there’s an app for that”


Other RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeders

  • Using sites such as Digg or Stumbleupon allow you to visit your favorite websites and find interesting information.  Much like Google Reader these RSS feeders are compiled according to your interests.  People share links for your perusal.  You can also specify what content you want to feed into your profile. This requires that you create an account for each profile but is quick and easy to do.

Ask Questions

Ask your audience base to post links of interest in your status updates.  Although you are the expert, engaging audience members and soliciting links they may be interested in or have heard about may provide new leads for you. 

Like Other Fan Pages

The sometimes forgotten tip is to like other pages on Facebook.  By liking other fan pages of key influencers in your industry you are able to get a diversity of sources and leads with different perspectives.  Normally the “major companies” in your field have a Facebook in addition to their website or blog.  Engaging their Facebook posts through commenting on their wall and sharing information is a great way to stay connected and encourage content sharing.

What’s your favorite way to find content?

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