Posting on “the Wall”: How Much is Too Much?

The big question on everyone’s mind is “how many times a day should I spend updating my Facebook?” 

It all depends on your company’s aims and audiences schedule.  There is no special formula for really knowing how many times a day your company should post on your wall to not only gain fans but engage these fans for conversions.  However, there are some standards to go by in order to get the most out of your posts.

You want to make sure you update your Facebook everyday or at least every other day.  This followers see that your brand is still relevant and informed about recent events, interesting links, and company information. However, you do not want to overwhelm followers with too many posts.  Posting content to your page 10 times a day may seem spammy to your followers and can result in them “unliking” your brand. 

According to a study by ExactTarget, 44%  of followers unlike a brand because it “posted to frequently.” Generally one to two posts per day is a good number of posts for your company to start with. 

You should also keep in mind when your target audience will most likely check their Facebook.  You want to ensure that your updates are on their newsfeeds.  Most companies’ audience check their Facebooks at the end of the business day and during weekends. However, this trend might be different for your target audience. This really does require trial and error to determine the best time to post. 

And when you post, make sure you diversify the posts.  Go beyond, “What’s up Fans” and produce substantial posts (not necessarily long) that can include information on recent events, photos, videos, interesting questions, and other data that may be engaging to audiences.  Think: If you saw your Facebook post would you “like” the page?” 

 How often do you update your Facebook?


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