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Ever wondered what a customized Facebook Fan page looks like?

Ever dreamed of having a Fan page that is of quality and gives your competitor’s website a “run for its money?”

Then you should check out these awesome Fan pages by efanpage.com.  As you may know, social media is a two way “street” and creating conversations and engagement with your followers could become a burden if you don’t have the right tools.  But don’t fret: we have provided a list of awesome examples of diverse industries to show the  various possibilities your company Facebook page can have.  If you want more details about all of our customized Facebook Fan page options, please visit our website.


Click Image for Facebook Page

Michigan-based mortgage company, Atlantis Mortgage, uses Facebook pages to keep their client and potential homebuyers up to speed about recent company news.  This tab from the page allows followers to view current rates and apply for mortgage loans right from the Facebook page.  Visually relevant images, well crafted testimonials and catchy slogans make this page attractive for followers—and this is just the “like” page, continue reading for other ways of enhancing your page.






Are you a sports Fan or a owner/coach of a sports team looking for a way to promote your team?  Then check out the Detroit Tigers as an example of an awesome fan page.

You can use your “eFanpagified” Facebook to post interactive videos, team schedules, ticket information, and even download desktop wallpapers.   The Facebook page is designed to meet your audience where they are.  Having a fun, interactive site where they can be a part of a community of people with similar interestes is appealing and makes your Facebook page stand out.  But there’s more…


Companies like, Regeneration Raw, understand the importance of engaging consumers through the use of surveys.  Creating a survey allows you to not only collect data but with catchy headings and an attractive look, eFanpage can make taking a survey fun and engaging for your followers.

We believe in building consistency in all your marketing and branding and think the Facebook page should reflect the image of your company.  Graphics, wording, and overall aesthetic are all considered when developing your Facebook Fan page.  But even still…


Click image for Facebook Page

Putting a Face to a brand is even more important.  With your customized Facebook fan page by eFanpage you are able to upload company information like “Who’s Who” to humanize the social media experience.  Speaking to actual people and being able to link a human to a brand is so important for engaging consumers. Michigan and Ohio-based, Sikora Law does a create job of this.







In the end, anyone can create a Facebook fan page and have followers; however, creating an AWESOME Facebook fan page not only creates followers but engages them.  Having interactive, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing  Facebook fan pages that are customized for your businesses needs is something that only the professional team at eFanpage is able to deliver.  Contact us today for more information about your customized Fan page.

Do you have or know someone who has a customized Facebook Fan page?  You should post the URL in the comment box.


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