What is a “Facebook Event”


A Facebook Event is an application of Facebook that allows you to create a profile for an upcoming event for your company or brand.  Users can invite friends to this event, much like an evite or mail-in invitation.

Why Use a Facebook Event?

Promoting your event through Facebook allows you to:

  • Disseminate information about your event to Facebook contacts quickly and easily
  • Allows you to specify your target audience through your company’s Fan page. (For example you can choose only people living within 50 miles of your event location)
  • Cost effective strategy as opposed to spending hundreds of dollars on print invitations
  • Allows you to remind your fans and maintain interaction and engagement with your fans
  • It’s easy and fun to make!

3 Easy Steps To Create Your Facebook Event

1.    Login

Make sure you have the Events app on your Facebook.  You can find this by simply searching for “Events” in the search box at the top of your screen.  (Make sure you are using Facebook as your Fan page)

2.      Creating the Event

Here is where all the magic happens.  You simply complete each entry with your event information.  Make sure to include a photo that is relevant to your event and eye-catching for your followers.  You don’t want to run the risk of your invitees to not visit your event page because you don’t have a photo or logo of your event/company.  If the information changes or you find a better picture later, it’s ok, you can change the content of the information at anytime.

You also have the option of not showing the guest list and preventing followers from posting on the wall.  Please note this will minimize your followers interaction with the page and may cause unwanted results.

3.      Editing, sharing, and interacting with the event

Once your page is created, it will automatically appear on your Fan page wall.  You can share this link out to your personal page and friends.

As you can see there is the option of editing the page at any time and updating your Fan page followers of any changes to (or remind them about) your event.  You also have the option of posting videos, photos, and other interesting links pertaining to your event and can allow others to do so as well.  We encourage you to encourage your followers to post to increase your engagement with the the page and your brand.


Have you ever created a Facebook Event?  List your event link in the comments box below.

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