3 Basic Facebook Widgets for Your Website (or Blog)

Have you ever wondered what the best means of connecting your blog or website to your Facebook page?  Maybe you should consider using Facebook widgets to link the social networks.  There are actually several ways of integrating your Facebook with your company website or blog, these are three of them.

To learn what a widget is, click HERE

1. Page Badges

“Page Badges” are designed to share your Facebook page information on your website.
This badge is usually found in the left menu of the blog and is by far the easiest widget.  Below is step-by-step guide of where to find the code to display on your website.

  1. Go to Edit page in upper right portion of your Fan page
  2. Click on “Marketing”, then “Get a Badge”
  3. Once here you can edit and post badges to your blog or website.  Clicking “other” will allow you to type your unique URL

Highlight and copy the HTML code in the field below, and then paste it into your blog or on your website where you’d like to insert your Facebook profile badge.

The “Like” Option

There is another widget similar to Page Badges that allows fans to easily view your Facebook page updates and become a fan of your brand.  It’s also an easy way to share sites that you like with your visitors straight from Facebook.  It’s called “the Like button“.

To set up the Like button for your site, you just have to provide your company’s unique URL and specify where the widget should go on your site. When you’re done, just click “Get Code.”

Visitor Activity Widget

One of the most effective widgets you may use is the “activity widget.”  This widget displays the latest articles that were shared by visitors.  When visitors are simentaneously visiting your site and their Facebook profiles, the widget displays the latest updates about your site from their Facebook friends.  This way they can see which of their Facebook friends like your website.  This is probably the best widget to create direct dialogue with Facebook community.  This widget increases traffic on both your website and monitors activity of your potential customers.  This is the most sophisticated but most effective widget of the three options presented in this blog.


What are some other widgets you like and/or use to integrate Facebook into your blog or website?



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