The Ultimate Matchmaker: Connecting Your Facebook Fan Page and Other Social Media

Your company has a Facebook Fan page.

You are gaining followers.

You are interacting with your fans.

You’re thinking social media: CHECK.


Not so fast...outside of Facebook, your presence on social networks like Twitter, Linkedin, or Reddit may be limited or non-existant all together.  Your Facebook Fan page may be unknown to networks outside of Facebook.  That is ok! This article is designed to help you ensure you can become “the Ultimate Matchmaker” for social media marketing.


What Do You Want To Get From the Match?

Much like romantic matchmaking you must first understand each “daters” interests.  Daters in this sense are the various social media platforms that are out there.  Questions you may ask yourself?

  • Why should I have each profile?
  • What is the purpose of each account for my company?
  • How often will I use the profile?


Picking the Match

Understanding the purpose of each social network is essential so you can find which networks best fit your Facebook Fan Page.  For instance:

  • LinkedIn (Niche Social Networking)– is used more for professional development.  Users build communities surrounding particular industries and cultivate professional relationships.
  • Foursquare, Facebook Places – These location based applications ask users to “check in” at specific locations and connect with friends.  Some businesses use these applications to promote a new sale or encourage consumers to visit their businesses.
  • Twitter – a social networking tool for personal or business use. Allows users to create a 140-character status update for brief interactions with potential clientele.
  • Blog (e.g. WordPress) – Can be used for personal or business. A blog allows visitors to be up-to-date with interesting facts about businesses that they may otherwise not be able to get from a website.  This can serve as an extension of the company’s Facebook Fan Page and allows for more extensive posts and greater interaction.

For a full list of social media and their functions click HERE

The four mentioned above are NOT the extent of social media channels, however, clicking the link can provide a plethora of different types of networks that may be useful for your company.

You should discuss how you plan to utilize each of these platforms and how to best integrate them with your Facebook Fan Page.  For instance, professional organizations such as Law Firms may be more compelled to use Linkedin as opposed to Twitter, whereas if your clientele travels often a location based application may be more useful.  Understanding each social network’s platforms is essential to ensure more positive business opportunites for your company.


Get Your Link Out There!

Once you understand and have selected the social media that seems to fit best with your company you should begin linking Facebook Fan Page to these social media networks. Share your links with as many people as possible, without spamming them of course.  Make sure to use proper social media etiquette.



Post on a Blog. WordPress allows your company to sync your Facebook Fan page with your WordPress account so when you post a new blog it will automatically post to your Fan Page.

Email. You should also share a link to your Fan Page through email contacts (using Contactzilla, Constant Contact, or Mail Chimp).  Don’t forget to add it to your email signature.

Facebook. The easily forgotten way to share and connect is using your current Facebook networks to tell people about your company’s Fan Page.

Website. Adding a like page or “badge” on your website can let’s current visitors of your website know about and connect with your Fan Page.

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again

Building consistency over your social media is attractive to your followers.  It shows that there is a throughline in your businesses’ approach to social media and strengthens your visibility.  Making daily posts to various sites including links to your Facebook Fan page creates a nice package for your viewers.

The best way to share status updates and link to your Facebook Fan Page is to use programs such as Hootsuite that allows you to make status updates to various sites simentanously including Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter.  You can also schedule when posts can go out to your followers and is a great way to share your Facebook Fan Page link.

A Facebook Fan Page can be seen as an introduction of your product or business to potential consumers.  It is up to you (the Matchmaker) to link consumers to your other social media through consistency and furthers your community engagement.

How do you “match” your various social media?


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