How To: BUILD Community on Facebook

If you aren’t interacting with your page, how do you expect others to interact with it.—Sebastian

By now you may know, Facebook dominates businesses social media and can connect you to the world.  With over 100 million users the 7-year old company is growing at an unprecedented rate.  You may also have or know someone who has created a page for their business or brand.  Many have created it to share company photos, news, videos, and interesting source material. But WHY?

Why do companies invest so much time and effort in interacting with their followers.  The answer is simple: to build community and ultimately promote their brand and service.  However, like most things this is “easier said than done.”

Event planners use fan pages to inform their communities of upcoming events.  Publishers use the pages to extend their communities beyond print source material.  And now it’s your turn to understand the benefits of having an online community and how to build it.

Friends and Family Plan (for Social Media)

Using proper etiquette, promote your page by encouraging as many people as you can to visit the page.  Promoting the page includes posting on your blog, personal Facebook account, or email services like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

Make sure to TAP INTO YOUR CURRENT NETWORKS first.   Your friends and family members can be potential great promoters of your brand.  If you begin with them and your current customer network base it will make your life that much easier.  Cross-referencing email addresses to your Facebook fan page profile makes it easier for you to utilize pre-exisiting contacts and allows you to do more sharing and interactions.

You should also be prepared to promote the link on your website, email signature, blog, etc.  The more consumers see the link, the greater possibility for them to visit your page.

Sharing IS Caring

Make it a habit of sharing information about your company and other industry information.  Posting interesting videos, links and photos on your Page’s wall engages potential customers.  It is important to share the best, more interesting articles, which you can find using RSS feeders.  Adding value to these articles is critical to attracting and keeping fans who are generally receptive of information about your products as well as information from others on current trends in the industry. Why else would they have joined your page?

In addition to sharing industry information, you should also include some personal information and other interesting media that may engage your followers.  This may include, creating special offers for Facebook Fans only.  Honoring followers visits and interactions encourages fans to want to interact and tell others.

NOTE: Facebook is currently in a Beta Version of “Deals”, which allows companies to create deals and surveys for audience interaction. More details to come.

Follow this guide for sharing content on your facebook fan page.

  • 50%—Interesting content/blog info
  • 30%—-Engaging others
  • 10%—Self-promotion
  • 10%—Sharing personal interest

You should make sure to update content consistently and accurately. If you aren’t interacting with your page, how do you expect others to interact with it.  Creating discussions and interacting with your profile’s followers is one of the key elements of developing a community.

You should also encourage your followers to share their thoughts, photos, and videos. All you have to do is ask.  Make sure to thank fans for posting reviews and discussions. This PERSONAL thank you rewards fans and creates a sense of ownership for followers.  Again, observe social media etiquette for these posts.

Don’t Shy from Other Industry Pages

Connect with others  in your industry by “liking” their product on Facebook, involving your page in discussions and sharing valuable information about the industry which is beneficial to all involved companies.  Reach out to Facebook groups and pages administrators, without spamming them, to provide insight, spark conversation, and build relationships.  Not only does it engage your industry it also shows that you are current with trends and is another great way to promote your brand.

Overall these three basic tips have direct benefits for your company including but not limited to growing potential customers organically, being familiar with the needs of your target audience, and identifying key influencers in your community.

How do you build community for your personal or business profile?

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