A Little Bit About Our Founders…..

Meet Jason and Michael, Founders of eFanpage.  Their vision, hardwork, and dedication to connecting people led them to create the professional social media company.  Here is a little bit of information about “the guys”


Meet Michael Melfi

Business Mantra: Provide a reliable, comprehensive, and responsive experience for the customer.

When asked what he does for a living, Michael often responds with “transform people’s lives . . . and have way too much fun.”Besides being an being the former CEO Six Degrees Magazine and an Evans Scholar, Michael is a founding partner at Sikora Law.

Whether he is in the middle of a contract negotiation or securing licensing rights for a new product line, Michael maintains a conscious business acumen. With a plethora of experience in Corporate Law, Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law, Michael manages the legal aspects of the business, as well as, oversees some of the various operational components of the business.  For more information about Michael, click [HERE]


Meet Jason Yourofsky

By day Jason is a mortgage professional at Atlantis Mortgage, by night he is a financial wiz kid gone social media marketing guru.

Jason has taken part in various business ventures over the years and has a keen sense for seeing the future (not ESP, but something special). As a visionary, he has studied and mastered the various techniques to online buying habits of consumers and consults with companies to develop websites that are not only aesthetically pleasing but produce results. For more information about Jason, click [HERE]

About Sebastian Knowes

Social Media Guru at eFanpage
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