What Will Be the Business Skills of the Future?

In a partnership with the University of Phoenix the Institute for the Futurehas produced a new report titled Future Work Skills 2020. You may be weary of the University of Phoenix, but I can vouch for the IFTF. However, I have mixed feelings about the report. It identifies the key driving factors changing the workplace, but the actual skills section leaves something to be desired.

This report is probably best for college students or mid-career workers thinking about making a change but haven’t looked deeply into the matter yet.

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Link Building for Ecommerce Sites

While search volume data can help you make more informed decisions when choosing keywords for link building campaigns, it is important to be driving traffic through terms that not only bring in more traffic but convert well. Targeting anchor text phrases that have above average conversion rates will provide a higher ROI on your link building efforts than focusing only on search volume. Further, targeting keywords with above average conversion rates tends to help you get buy in from your clients/managers for your link building efforts because you are focusing your efforts based on monetary conversion rather than just traffic.

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How Public Relations Can Avoid Failing at SEO

Our Online Marketing agency at TopRank has been providing practitioners in the Public Relations industry information and insight on Search Engine Optimization for nearly 10 years.

Starting with adding SEO to our media relations services in 2001 to providing SEO consulting  to PR industry leaders like Vocus, PRWeb and The PRSA, we’ve been in the thick of SEO and PR for some time.

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Misconceptions About Affiliate Marketing

There are some unscrupulous and/or overly zealous marketers out there that have given the concept of affiliate marketing a bad name.

The guys who spam me on Twitter? They should be glad I can’t physically punch them in the face.

I hate looking for reviews of products and finding short “reviews” that simply reword the product specifications by people you know have never even laid eyes on the product.

Those people are not “affiliate marketing.”

Affiliate marketing does not scam or spam people.

People scam and spam people.

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10 Sleek Google+ Icons for Your Website or Blog

As always, the web is teeming with talented and generous artists who offer their visions of a more beautiful Internet up for free. We’ve sampled their wares and chosen the classiest badges and buttons that will alert your readers in no uncertain terms: “Hey, I’m doing things on the Google+!”

Found any beauties we missed? Link away in the comments.

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No More Google + for Business?

The "Evolution" of Social Media...Google + the final frontier?

On the surface, Google + seems like the “perfect social network” for businesses. Many marketing industry professionals have called the network the next big thing in social media. With its use of social circles, integration with the Google platform, and the ease and accessibility for our personal lives it seems only logical that as a small business owner you would want to use the Google + to promote your image and brand.

However a recent article in Web Pro News suggests that Google is actually planning to close business profile accounts in an effort to keep the site more social. “Google said it would start communicating with some businesses about brand profiles on Google+ this week, but they also said they’d shut down the ones that had already been popping up.”

The reason: Google is expected to develop a Google + experience for businesses that will be more relevant to the needs of business owners. The current set up of Google + is more applicable for personal profiles and businesses have been asked to apply for consideration for the Google + Business beta (this is not the official name).

I have yet to find supporting evidence beyond the scope of this article, which may suggest that this allegation is shortsighted. Nevertheless, if this is fact this, this should not stop you from developing your own persona and reputation using your personal Google + account. Not having a business profile for Google + is not the end of the world. Using the site to share and (+1) industry related articles that educate, entertain, and engage your audience are all things you can do as an individual. Your influence alone can make changes in brand perception without a brand page.

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The Pros and Cons of Moving Your Business Into the Cloud

As anyone who has downloaded a song off of iTunes on their Mac and then watched as the same song popped up on their iPhonecan tell you, cloud computing can be pretty cool.

But the cloud isn’t just for consumers. Entrepreneurs are finding they can get a business up and running quickly without having to buy servers or hire a CIO. Computing, like electricity or water, can be a monthly service that’s piped in at a fee.

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